Hustle Castle Wiki

The throne room is the heart of your castle.


The throne room is the most important part of your castle and its main purpose is to unlock new rooms and upgrades. It is available from the tutorial and with each upgrade new rooms become available and new upgrades are unlocked for the existing ones. Also some areas of the game are unlocked at certain throne room levels, like the Arena and Portal. Another aspect that is affected by the throne room level is the price of the items sold in the Arena and Portal store, which increase as the throne room level is increased.


Cost & Upgrades

Level Cost Time
2 1,000 Gold 5s
3 10,000 Gold 1h
4 40,000 Gold 5h
5 80,000 Gold 8h
6 270,000 Gold 5h
7 900,000 gold

225,000 wood

8 1,800,000 Gold

765,000 Wood

9 3,600,000 Gold

1,500,000 Wood

10 5,400,000 Gold

4,000,000 Wood

1,800,000 Iron