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Support rooms is a category in the market that includes rooms for item and spell crafting, health restoration, clan management and more .


Support rooms are mainly focused on aiding you in battle and helping your fighters survive. In this category you will find the Hospital, which helps your wounded fighters to recover faster, the Magic Workshop and Magic Lab, which allow you to craft combat spells and enhance them, and the Weapons, Armor and Jewelry Workshops which allow you to craft equipment for your fighters.

You will also find some rooms that are not directly related with aiding your warriors, like the Living Room, which is used to increase your castle's population, the Trophy Room where you show off your earned trophies, the Clan Hall which opens access to clans and the Stairs which are used to connect rooms and floors in your castle.


Living Room Icon.png
Trophy Room Icon.png
Hospital Icon.png
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Living Room Trophy Room Hospital Clan Hall
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Weapons Workshop Icon.png
Armor Workshop Icon.png
Magic Workshop Magic Lab Weapons Workshop Armor Workshop
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Set Workshop Jewelry Workshop Stairs