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Production rooms is a category in the market that includes rooms related with resource production and storage.


Production rooms are the most basic rooms of your castle and are used to produce and store resources required to build new rooms and upgrade existing ones. This category includes the Treasury and Vault, which produce and store gold, the Dining Hall and Cellar, which produce and store food, the Mana Well and Mana Pool, which produce and store mana, the Lumber Mill and Shed, which produce and store wood, and lastly the Mine and Iron Depot, which produce and store iron.


Treasury Icon.png
Vault Icon.png
Dining Hall Icon.png
Cellar Icon.png
Treasury Vault Dining Hall Cellar
Mana Well Icon.png
Mana Pool Icon.png
Lumber Mill Icon.png
Shed Icon.png
Mana Well Mana Pool Lumber Mill Shed
Mithril factory.jpg
Mine Icon.png
Iron Depot Icon.png
Mithril depot.jpg
Mithril Factory Mine Iron Depot Mithril Depot