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The magic workshop room allows you to craft combat spells.


The magic workshop room belongs to the support rooms category and it is used to craft combat spells that can aid you in battle. It is available to built at throne room level 4 and with each upgrade the number of combat and prepared spells is increased. You start with two spells and as you level up the room you unlock more, resulting to a total of eight different spells.

Spells are divided into two categories, the prepared spells and the combat spells. Prepared spells are the spells that you have stored in the workshop, while combat spells are the ones that you take to battle. Crafting a spell costs mana and requires time to complete. You can also add more than one spells to the crafting queue and they are automatically crafted one at a time. When a spell is crafted it is added to your prepared spells and in order to use it you have to add it to the combat spells. Also if you try to start a battle without combat spells the game will notify you and allow you to add spells.

Note: The maximum number of spells you can have stored at any given time is 9. This includes all "Prepared spells" as well as those in the "Crafting queue". Spells that have been chosen for combat and moved to the "Combat spells" area are not included in this total. (If you purchase Premium, this increases to 18.)

Cost & Upgrades

Level Cost Time Max Number for Combat New Spells Throne Room Level Required
1 70,000 Gold 4h 2 5
2 3 Summon Ally 6
3 1,000,000 Gold

250,000 Wood

230,000 Mana

1d 4 Icy Trap 7
5 2,000,000 Gold

850,000 Wood

330,000 Mana

5 ? 8
6 4,000,000 Gold

1,600,000 Wood

585,000 Mana

1,500,000 Iron

5d 6 Healing Glade

Spell Crafting

Cost and Crafting time depend upon the level of each individual spell, not the room level. Spell level can be increased in the Magic Lab.

Room Level Cost Crafting Time