Hustle Castle Wiki


Dwellers are the in game people that populate your castle. Understanding your dwellers is key to a successful game. There are five categories and these are defined by the amount of stars they have. You will start the game with a few 1-3 star dwellers. The higher the star the better, it is best to aim for all 5 star dwellers which is acheivable through breeding high attribute dwellers, do this as soon as possible.

Making babies

Once you unlock the Living Room, you will be able to assign a male and female dweller to the room to get them dating. After a couple of hours you end up with a pregnant dweller, who will give birth after three hours have passed.

Once the baby is born, you will receive a massive boost to happiness, as well as a new dweller. However, before becoming useful, the child first needs to grow into an adult, which takes about 6 hours.

These new characters function the same as any other dweller once they grow up, and will perform adequately as long as you train and equip them accordingly.

Tip: before going to bed, pop your dwellers in the living room and by morning you'll have babies.


Not every dweller is good at every task. However, you can make a character proficient in the said tasks by training them in specific rooms designed for that purpose.

There are 7 different classes;

  • Treasury: Increase gold production when assigned to the Treasury. Can be increased by training the dweller in the Mint room.
  • Cook: Increases food production when working in the Dining Hall. Can be upgraded by training the dweller in the Kitchen room.
  • Miner: Increases iron production when assigned to the mine. Can be increased by training the dwellers in the Foundry room.
  • Carpenter: Increases wood production when assigning dwellers to the lumber mill. Can be increased by training dwellers in the crafting shop room.
  • Engineer: Increases mithril production when assigning ddwellers to the mithril factory. Can be increased by training dwellers in the Archive room
  • Alchemy: Increases the production of Mana. Can be upgraded by training the character in the Lab.
  • Fighter: Increase the dweller’s proficiency in combat. Can be increased by training them in the Fighter Training Room.


- Damage-per-Second: Represents how much damage, on average, your character does per second in battle.

- Armor: Reduces physical damage taken. Exclusive to those who are equipped for battle.

- Production: Represents how much food or gold your character produces per hour. Affected directly by their gear, as well as their cook or treasurer class levels.

- Dodge: The proficiency of your character at evading attacks in battle.

- Crit: Represents the probability of delivering double damage to the enemy on each hit.


Happiness has an affect on the rate in which your dwellers produce resources.

The happiness meter can be found at the upper right corner, you can find your portrait. By clicking on this portrait, you will open the happiness screen, which will allow you to discover the current happiness of your dwellers and the bonuses that you are receiving from it.

In the screen shot provided you can see the dwellers are enjoying a 5% bonus to their food and gold production from their happiness.

Boosting happiness

Your dwellers will experience a wide variety of emotions, speach bubbles will appear above their heads. Popping these simply by clicking them will increase your dweller happiness.

You can also obtain happiness by winning battles on the world map in PvP mode. Breeding is another way to increase happiness. You will receive a substantial boost when babies are ready to be worn and when you are ready to mature. (represented by cake ican)

These can all be done for free, though if you are willing to pay for the premium pass, you will receive a happiness boost.