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Clan Wars

Clan Wars is a way to go to war with a few other clans. This is started at the Clan Hall and you must own a clan or be in a clan with over twenty members to start. Both clan leader, deputy leader, and warlords can start the clan wars. They're launched every six hours with two stages preparation and combat. The preparation stage lasts two hours and this is were you will need to figure out to deploy your squad on the clan war map. The second stage is combat and that will automatically start with or without you being there. You can not change your clan war start times. You will always have the same set times even if you skip them. If you have a 1am start time, you will always have the ability to do clan wars every six hour such as 1am, 7am, 1pm, and 7pm.

(For example: If your clan war starts at 1am,you will have till 3am to deploy your squad on the CW map. Once the two hour mark is over, for fifteen minutes your squad will fight other clans. After that, you can start another war that will be at the six hour mark from the 1am mark. So, it will start at 7am.)

Each Clan War you will be randomly matched against five other clans. This is determined by your clans total trophy ranking on the global charts. Your clan members can each place one squad at a time on the map. You can even add extra members (up to 6) who aren't in your squad as long as they aren't pregnant. This will not disrupt their training or resource gathering. It will keep training the dweller training even if they're in war. So, if the map location allows it, you will be able to add extra dwellers.

Every map icon may or may not have certain requirements to allow you to place your squad there. Some of them even have certain attributes that can add a bonus effect to your squad. If you move your squad to another tower it will refresh their gear if changed, and you will have to reassign people who aren't in your barracks to your CW squad.

Note: pregnant females can not be deployed in wars. But once deployed they can become pregnant and not affect the war.

Throne Room Level Food required to participate Glory Required for reward
TR4 5,000 1,000
TR5 20,000 7,500
TR6 60,000 10,000
TR7 75,000 15,000
TR8 180,000 20,000
TR9 165,000 25,000
TR10 210,000 30,000
TR11 260,000 35,000

Clan territory currency for winning waypoint

  • TR 4 - 60
  • TR 5 - 75
  • TR 6 - 140
  • TR 7 - 205
  • TR 8 - 285
  • TR 9 - 1810
  • TR 10 - 2190
  • TR 11 - 2600


At the end of every season your clan is rewarded a chest based on accumulative effort. The chest is based off the glory totals of all members that earned during the season. If a player leaves the clan during the season, their glory is not lost but they do not get to take it with them either.

There are 9 different types of chests that your clan may earn.

  1. Simple
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Emerald
  5. Epic
  6. Heroic
  7. Royal
  8. Mythical
  9. Tsar

Simple chest clan war.jpg

Uncommon chest clan war.jpg

Rare chest clan war.jpg

EMERALD CHEST clan war.jpg

Epic chest clan war.jpg

Heroic chest clan war.jpg

Royal chest clan war.jpg

Mythical chest clan war.jpg

Tsar chest clan war.jpg